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Submitted on
November 10, 2013


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rose of the Mohave. prologue

"mama, what are those big pretty lights over there." lizzie asked her mother, "that's vegas sweetheart." lizzie looked at her mother in confusion, "whats vegas?"
lizzie asked "its not a good place sweetie, theres gambling, drinking and other things you don't need to know about yet." her mother replied, "whats gambling mama?" lizzie asked another question, "lizzie belle, I don't have time to answer questions I have to feed the Brahmin and tend to the garden, why don't you go play ok sweetie." said her mother, lizzie walked away and and went up to the bridge to look at vegas, lizzie lives at the wolfhorn ranch with her mother and sister, she lost her father in the NCR, she looked at vegas the lights were beautiful, she sat and stared at the lights that were far in the distance, lizzie ran back to her mother "mama, when can we go to vegas?" lizzie asked, "sweetie, we cant ever go, we don't have enough money, and its not safe for little kids like you." lizzie went into the house, "ivory, can you tuck me in?" lizzie asked her big sister, "ok come on lets get you in bed." replied her sister, they went to lizzies bedroom "here now go to sleep, goodnight." said her sister. lizzie grabbed her teddy bear and drifted off to sleep.
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